Dead Friend Saints

Deacon Kyle's "Mega Soapbox"

September 07, 2022 Claire Ellendson Season 3
Dead Friend Saints
Deacon Kyle's "Mega Soapbox"
Show Notes

Here's a bonus episode featuring Deacon Kyle Etzel. this episode acts as a companion to Episode 87 (covering Saint John Henry Newman) in which we expand on the ideals of formation is is revealed by Idea of A University by Saint John Henry Newman and the work of the Oratory of Saint Philip Neri... and of course this episode is populated by the twists and turns of conversation between friend. Enjoy!

Resources for this episode:
Apologia Pro Vita Sua

Idea of A University 

You can find Newman the Oratorian, a collection of his letters at the following link:

Thank you to:
Catherine Bryant for the music
Jacque Szczepanski for the cover art

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